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Great British Valentine

Random acts of kindness can be really good for your mental health. Research shows that helping others is positive for our own wellbeing; creating a sense of belonging, reducing isolation and helping to get rid of negative feelings.

In Britain (like in most places in the world), we don’t only care about our nearest and dearest. We also care about people we don’t know.

The Great British Valentine project enables you to send a card with a message of good wishes (not romance!) to someone you’ve never met; and receive a card yourself. We’re taking inspiration from Mexico, where Valentine’s Day is about friendship and goodwill in the broadest sense, not just about romantic love.

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When people feel that they are falling apart, they often think they are alone.  The Mental Health Collective works to find new ways of coming together.

We are the hub for unlocking the potential of social and collective approaches to mental health.

Bringing together the full range of expertise on the social and collective dimensions of mental health, we catalyse new, creative, and above all effective approaches for better health and wellbeing.

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