Mission, Vision and Values

When people feel they are falling apart, they often think they are alone.  The Mental Health Collective works to find new ways of coming together.

Coming together means connecting with other people and reminding ourselves that we aren’t on our own in the world.  It’s good for anyone – whether you have a mental health problem or if your mental health is going just fine.

Our mission is to help people find new ways of coming together so they are healthier, happier and better able to flourish.

Our vision is of a world where everyone has a better sense of connection to each other, and to life as a whole.


  • Solidarity

Everyone is different, but we all have a shared humanity. We can’t presume to know what other people think or feel, but we can stand together in solidarity.

  • Renaissance

We all have the potential to bring new things into the world, and each of us can learn, create and grow.  Bringing things together from different spheres can help us find new beginnings.

  • Roots and wings

Our work is rooted in where people are coming from and should not feel alien to them. We offer opportunities for people to try new things, building on the richness of what they have already.

  • Boundaries

Connections between people should be facilitated but never forced. We invite people to imagine their horizons in new ways, but we respect their boundaries and do not push them.

  • Results

Connections are offered for a purpose, not simply for their own sake.  We use a wide range of data sources to gather evidence on the effectiveness of our work and improve results.

  • Iteration

We work through an ongoing cycle of trial, reflection and improvement.  We are always open to engagement and learning, especially from those who we work with directly.