Anger is a really important emotion that can be difficult to express. It is often misunderstood, and can cause difficulties in our social relationships. It has also inspired some of humankind’s most valuable and well loved music. Anger is many things, but it can undoubtedly be a precious creative force.

The #AngryChoir sings songs which express anger in poignant, clear and/or constructive ways. It will provide an opportunity for people to come together and spend some time expressing anger through music, so they are better able to deal with, articulate and channel this emotion themselves.

It will demonstrate the beauty and value of anger, celebrate our creative expression of it, and sharpen our ability to harness this difficult emotion ourselves.

The #AngryChoir is not about performance. We are not seeking anyone’s approval. We sing when we feel like it – sometimes when we are invited to, and sometimes when we are not. Inspired by the tradition of a cockney knees-up, we sing primarily for ourselves and each other.

The #AngryChoir meets face-to-face on the last Tuesday (?) of every month (?) in central London (location tbc). These meetings are live-streamed on Instagram @MHC_UK and we warmly invite anyone who would like sing along with us to join in.

This project is at concept note stage – thoughts and feedback are welcome (please email amy@mentalhealthcollective.org.uk)