Facilitating strategy with Hertfordshire Mind

It’s been a great pleasure to work with Hertfordshire Mind over the last few months, supporting them in a facilitated process to develop their organisational strategy.

In a partnership between Mental Health Collective and the Innovation Unit, Nick Webb (@drnwebb) and I delivered a series of three workshops – first with staff members, then with the board of trustees, and finally bringing all stakeholders together.  Through this process we supported the development of an organisational strategy rooted in the expertise of the whole team and energised by their collective vision.

It’s been fascinating and humbling to see the hidden treasures emerge through this process.  We heard the passion and commitment that Herts Mind staff bring to their work; the innovative thinking at board level; and saw the power of this collective team to address problems and carve out a new direction for the future.

More than ever, it reinforced my conviction that when people with diverse forms of expertise are able to meaningfully connect with one another, there is no end to the surprising ways that challenges can be unlocked.


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