Fellows of the Mental Health Collective

This New Years Day, we are delighted to recognise the following people as Fellows of the Mental Health Collective:

Claire Barcham FMHC 
Andy Bell FMHC 
Mark Brown FMHC 

Dave Chawner FMHC 
Samantha Child FMHC 
Paul Crawford FMHC 
Anthony Deery FMHC 
Anselm Eldergill FMHC 
Alex Evans FMHC 
Kim Forrester FMHC 
Steve Gilbert FMHC 
Richard Grange FMHC 
Raf Hamaizia FMHC 
Sarah Hughes FMHC 
Seth Hunter FMHC 
Kate King FMHC 
Hannah Lewis FMHC 
Karen Linde FMHC 
Millie Macdonald FMHC 
Chris Naylor FMHC 
Chris O’Sullivan FMHC 
Russell Razzaque FMHC 
Vicky Romback FMHC 
Cal Strode FMHC 
Tutiette Thomas FMHC
Nick Webb FMHC 

Simon Wessely FMHC

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