Fellows of the Mental Health Collective, 2020

This New Year’s Day, we are delighted to announce that the following people have been recognised as Fellows of the Mental Health Collective:

Akiko Hart FMHC
Alex Ruck Keene FMHC
Andy Pakula FMHC
Anna Warhurst FMHC
Bethan Buswell FMHC
Bryn Lloyd-Evans FMHC
Darren Springer FMHC
Dinesh Bhugra FMHC
Gavin Atkins FMHC
Gemma Bowden FMHC
Gill Pelage FMHC
Hannah Chamberlain FMHC
Howard Pearce FMHC
Ian Braid FMHC
Jamie Fairbank FMHC
Jo Harrington FMHC
Johann Hari FMHC
Julia Ogunmuyiwa FMHC
Kathy Roberts FMHC
Katie Mitchell FMHC
Kevin McNamara FMHC
Mark Trewin FMHC
Martyn Illingworth FMHC
Matty May FMHC
Pooky Knightsbridge FMHC
Priscila Hernandez FMHC
Sarah Markham FMHC
Sergio A. Silverio FMHC
Steve Chamberlain FMHC
Una Foye FMHC
Victoria Bleazard FMHC

For more information about the Mental Health Collective Fellowship, see here.

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