Great British Valentine – Terms and Conditions

It is not guaranteed that everyone who signs-up to join #GreatBritishValentine will receive a card.

Sending letters or other correspondence with intent to cause distress or anxiety is an offence under the Malicious Communications Act. The Mental Health Collective keeps full records of valentine matches, and we know exactly whose postal address has been sent to whom. Where necessary, we would support any participant who seeks to report malicious communications to the police. The Mental Health Collective is not responsible for the messages that are sent as part of this project.

DO NOT share the postal address of another participant to this project on any social media channel. Any participant who does this will be barred from the Great British Valentine and any future project of the Mental Health Collective.

Participants who have not provided clear instructions for the person sending them a card, or who have not provided a valid postal address may not receive their card. The Emergency Valentine Heros will not provide an extra card in cases where instructions have been unclear or postal addresses have not been valid.

Participants are asked to take responsibility for their participation in this project and ensure that they have their normal safeguards for opening mail in place (for example, a parent/carer being present when a child opens their own card).

This new project is being piloted for the first time in 2019, and it is unpredictable how many people will seek to take part. In the event that it takes longer than we expect to process the administrative work for this project, we ask for your patience. If there are more requests to participate than our admin systems can cope with, we may close registrations early so as to properly administrate the project for participants who have already signed up.

Thank you for supporting our work.