#GreatBritishValentine Acknowledgements and Thanks

The #GreatBritishValentine 2019 could not have happened without the contributions of Josh Balfour; Antonis Kousoulis; Ben Pollard (Local Welcome); Cal Strode (PR Pivot); and Anna Warhurst (alphabetical order). The project was managed by Amy Pollard.

We are grateful to Gemma Bowden; Dave Chawner; Alex Evans; Lois Fearne; Bernadette Fischler; Kim Forrester; Steve Gilbert; Alex Glennie; Richard Grange; Emma Grimshaw; Raf Hamaizia; Sarah Hughes; Gavin Kermack; Hannah Lewis; Linda Liao; Millie Macdonald; Chris Naylor; The Owl and the Coconut; Laonikos Psimikakis; Carole Reilly; Vicky Romback; Alice Sachrajda; Sarah Tite; Diana Vogtel; Nick Webb and Amanda Wrisdale (alphabetical order) for their challenge, support and engagement.

Special thanks to all the participants who joined in 🙂

The Mental Health Collective takes responsibility for facilitating this project.