Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission

In 2022, Mental Health Collective’s Director, Amy Pollard, was appointed as Writer to the Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission. In this role, she supported the Memorial Commission to draw together perspectives from bereaved families, survivors and North Kensington residents on how the Grenfell Tower tragedy should be memorialised.

This work led the Memorial Commission’s report, Remembering Grenfell: Our Journey So Far. It was published in May 2022, ahead of the fifth anniversary of the tragedy.

“Amy processed a vast volume of data and supporting material and converted it into a very powerful, very poignant and audience appropriate report. She takes a flexible, collaborative and, above all, sensitive approach to her writing – one which enabled us to take ownership of the final report in a way that felt authentic to our intended voice.”
Susan Al-Safadi, Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission