Mental Health Collective to chair topic group for the Mental Health Act Review

Founder and Director of the Mental Health Collective, Dr Amy Pollard, has been asked to chair the Dignity and Safety Group for the Mental Health Act Review.

Dr Pollard said:

“The independent review of the Mental Health Act, commissioned by the Prime Minister, is a once-in-a generation opportunity to shape legislation and practice which holds the ultimate power over people facing a mental health crisis.

It is an honour to have been asked by Prof. Sir Simon Wessely to chair the Dignity and Safety topic group – drilling down on the Mental Health Act and the structures around it can be reshaped to address the appalling sense of dehumanisation, indignity and disrespect that a high proportion of people under section experience.

The group’s work comes at a particularly poignant time for me – exactly two years after I was sectioned myself.

The topic group brings together eminent representatives who have lived experience of the Act themselves, the BAME community, CQC, NHSI,  mental health trusts, academia, psychiatry, charities and community services, alongside a secretariat from the Department of Health and Social Care.  Together, we are determined that the Mental Health Act Review seizes every possible opportunity to bring greater dignity, safety and humanity into the lives of people in mental health crisis.”

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