Mental Health Collective’s Media Manager, Cal Strode, gives evidence in Parliament

It was an incredibly proud moment yesterday, watching Cal Strode, Mental Health Collective’s Media Manager, give evidence in Parliament to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration. The committee was chaired by Chuka Umunna MP, and includes Wera Hobhouse MP and Dr Paul Williams MP.

Cal gave evidence from our report, co-authored with 34 young people, “There are No #PhoneZombies: Thinking for ourselves about mobile phones and mental health”. He pressed parliamentarians to ensure that the algorithms that lie behind social media are regulated so that they foster connections between people, rather than artificially inflaming polarisation and conflict. With a message of hope and highlighting opportunities to bridge generational divides, Cal argued that we can take back the impetus and make our own decisions about where we want to go with this technology next.

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