There are no #PhoneZombies

The Mental Health Collective has worked with thirty-four young people aged 14, 15 and 16 in North London to explore what is really going on with mobile phones and mental health. Together we have written a new report: “There are no #PhoneZombies: Thinking for ourselves about mobile phones and mental health”.

Showcasing young people’s own experiences and analysis, the report looks at concerns around technology in the context of moral panic. It argues that the relationship between mobile phones and mental health is not yet determined but will depend on the choices we make as individuals, in our relationships and as a society. Young people are making these choices already. They not passive victims, floating helplessly in a predetermined direction unless they are ‘saved’ by adults. Decisions about technology need to be made together with young people, in the context of a broader set of choices about how we want to live as a society.

“There are no #PhoneZombies. We’re alive, we’re awake, we’re thinking for ourselves – and together, we can decide where we want to go with this technology next.”