#PhoneZombies – our big silly April Fool

“It was really fun hearing about the Mental Health Collective’s plans for April Fools’ day.
I for one am absolutely terrified!”


We want to create the best April Fools’ joke ever – and we want you, your friends and family, and everyone in the country to be part of it.

The joke is about being really silly and ridiculous together. Things have been really serious in the UK lately and it feels like it’s about time we had some fun.

We’re playing with ideas about mobile phones and the trouble they get us into. It’s not about making anyone look foolish, scaring anyone or tricking them in a nasty way.

The serious bit of the joke is that deciding what to do about mobile phones and mental health is not just up to the people in Silicon Valley. We can think for ourselves and we should discuss together where we want to go with this technology next.

Whatever your age, wherever you live, and whatever community you hail from, we would love you to join in. You can be part of the joke in lots of different ways – it’s easy and everyone is welcome.

We don’t want to give away the game too much, but there will be zombies and a very important person is going to get eaten!

To get in on the joke, click on the button below:

Know about it already? Please watch our “Do’s and Don’ts”.