Self-Defence Through Humour

The Mental Health Collective is building a groundbreaking programme to help young people defend themselves against threats to their mental health, using humour.

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Self-Defence Through Humour offers training and support for young people as they strengthen their skills at using humour to deal with threats to their mental health.  Aimed at 11-14 year olds (KS3) it is designed to open up new possibilities for using humour – whether a young person is having difficulties with their mental health or is simply curious to learn more about this invaluable life-long skill.

Our training programme tackles questions such as:

  • How can you be self-deprecating without being self-diminishing?
  • How do you ‘own it’?
  • How can you diffuse a tense situation using humour?
  • Can you use humour if you’re not a performer?
  • How can humour help with social media?

We’re currently looking for schools and youth groups to partner with as we develop and pilot this new programme.  If you’re interested in exploring this please contact


Self-Defence Through Humour is supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.