Volunteering opportunities: Kindness-By-Post Student Champions

We are currently recruiting for student volunteers to join our team of Kindness-by-Post Champions. 

The Mental Health Collective’s Kindness-by-Post project enables strangers to exchange homemade cards with messages of goodwill, kindness and encouragement at difficult moments in the year.  It works like a great big secret santa, for messages of goodwill.  We ran this scheme for the first time for Valentine’s Day 2019, and saw hundreds of beautiful cards criss-crossing the country with the most incredible, lovely messages.

Our vision is to create a new, nationwide tradition where strangers can exchange messages of kindness every Valentine’s Day, as well as at other difficult times of year that are nominated by our community. People who feel they are falling apart often feel alone. Through Kindness-by-Post, we want people to have opportunity to turn a difficult time into a moment to connect with others.

The first term of the academic year can be a difficult time for students, so this autumn we are planning a “First Term Encouragement” exchange, aimed at university students in London and Liverpool. The Kindness-by-Post Student Champions will play a key role in helping us run this exchange, and in our broader work to develop and expand the Kindness-by-Post programme.

This volunteer role involves:

  • Helping test our new Kindness-by-Post registration system
  • Participating and giving feedback to help us improve the design of the programme
  • Promoting Kindness-by-Post and inviting friends, fellow students, and others to take part
  • Helping us identify appropriate moments in the year for Kindness-by-Post exchanges
  • Being part of our team to make Kindness-by-Post a positive movement for hope
  • Other tasks and opportunities that may arise

The Student Champion role can be done remotely, with occasional face-to-face meetings in central London or Liverpool.  Time required will fluctuate (with more activity during Kindness-by-Post exchanges), and Student Champions can pause or stop their engagement at any time.  We anticipate that Student Champions will take part in a variety of short activities, and that the average time commitment will total no more than a few hours each month. Activities might include: 

  • Video calls and phone calls
  • Emails and desk-based tasks
  • Making and sending cards
  • Social media engagement and outreach
  • Occasional face to face meetings (in either London or Liverpool)

The role would suit anyone wanting to gain work experience in the not-for-profit sector, and who shares our passion for helping people find new ways of coming together to improve mental health. 

To apply please complete a short application form by 25th July 2019.

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